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Upward Dispensing Wipe Dispenser
Our wall mounted wipe dispensers are the perfect delivery system for our pre-moistened surface wipes. You’ll love this sleek model because it’s easy to refill and install. This no-touch dispenser is also hygienic, and will help you cut down on germs, providing a healthier environment for your staff and guests. Plus you can adjust the dispensing tension so that people don’t unintentionally take more equipment wipes than needed, keeping your costs down.

When it comes to maintaining a clean and organized facility, we highly recommend pairing your wall mounted dispenser with a Semi-Round Trash Can. Not only does our sleek & durable Semi-Round Trash Can fit snugly against the wall underneath your dispenser, saving you valuable floor space, but it ensures used wipes are discarded properly. The result? A tidy, hygienic environment for you and your guests.

Complete your purchase with this essential accessory for your dispenser—order yours today above and experience the convenience and cleanliness of the perfect dispenser/trash can pairing.

What’s Included
1 Upward Dispenser
2 Dispenser Keys
Mounting Screws
Hygienic – no touch antibacterial wipes dispenser
Locking hinged cover (great for 24hr facilities!)
Made of tough impact resistant materials
Dispensing tension adjustable to reduce excess usage
Attractive, updated design with hidden hinges
Wipes dispense from the top
Designed to work with all Zogics Wipes

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