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Smart FTC – 1 Section

The Function Training Center 1 Section Commercial Package integrates our popular and innovative storage racks with functional training. All FTC’s feature our SMART self-guided system of functional training equipment. The secure (3) three-point mounting system creates a rock-solid training center that prevents any additional movement, giving you the confidence to train at a high level. Full Commercial warranty on the rack and the training products that come in the package. A great solution for storage and functional training in a limited space.


  • Function Training Center 1 Section Package is a well-rounded functional training workout. It is able to hold:
    • 5 med balls
    • 3 stability balls
    • 2 recovery rollers
    • 4 mats
    • 2 cables w/handles
    • 1 suspension trainer
    • 3 strength bands
    • 2 jump ropes
    • ab core wheel with mat
    • 30′ conditioning rope
  • Package includes Prism’s SMART products. SMART products have self-guided exercises printed on each piece. In other words, it’s great for both supervised and unsupervised rooms.
  • Standard with 1 storage shelf and 1 double bar shelf
  • Adjustable rods on mat rack for desired placement
  • Multiple chin bar options
  • Conditioning rope holder and anchor for training and storage
  • Optional Shelf available
  • Rack can be purchased separately

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