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Intenza 450 Elliptical Trainer i2

Conceived to provide a natural and stable workout, the Intenza 450 Series Elliptical Trainer seamlessly mimics the timing and gait of natural running.  Ergonomic handlebars are raised to a comfortable height for holding in a standing position and the pedalling motion adapted to emulate the movement of legs while running on the ground.  Intuitively smooth and low—impact movement prevents stress to joints whilst providing a total body workout.

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Foot Print

L x W: 209 x 84cm (83 x 33″)

Product Dimensions

L x W x H: 209 x 84 x 172cm (83 x 33 x 66″)

Product Net Weight

i2 Series: 186kg (410 lbs)
i2S Series: 183.5kg (404 lbs)

Shipping Dimensions

L x W x H: 220 x 78 x 100cm (87 x 31 x 39″)

Shipping Gross Weight

i2 Series: 251kg (553 lbs)
i2S Series: 248.5kg (547 lbs)

Intenza ETi2 Product Sheet

Intenza i2 Console Notes


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