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Fitness Domain Functional Trainer

Providing a complete range of exercises for real life application of strength and power.

Commercial grade design and manufacturing. Featuring 220 lb. weight stacks, 2:1 ratio, 28 position adjustable multi-directional pulleys, multi-grip chin up and full rear safety shrouds. Whether you’re a beginner or have high performance expectations, Fitness Domain’s Functional Trainer features all the design elements of a high quality training system. Maximize your exercise value per square foot within a compact 70”x 49”. Combine with Fitness Domain’s Flat/Incline/Decline Bench, Leg Extension/Curl Attachment, Preacher Curl Attachment and a small selection of free weight for a neat little home gym! Items
sold separately.

Standard Frame Colour : Black (not shown)**

Assembled Dimensions (LWH):
70” x 49” x 89”
Product Weight: 825 lbs
Weight Stack: 220lb x 2
Frame Color: Black

Accessories Included:
Single Handle (x2)
Long Straight Bar
Ankle Strap

Short Straight Bar
Triceps Rope
Accessory Rack

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