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COREFX Ultra-Wide Pro Loops

Cut the clutter and experience a more effective workout with this Pro Loops Ultra-Wide workout must have from COREFX! Introducing the ultra-wide, strong, toning, and rehabilitation Pro Loops! The four resistance levels allow you to accommodate any fitness level as well as focus on your lower body! The COREFX Ultra-Wide Pro Loops are 12.5″ x 3″.

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Ultra-wide, extra secure
The COREFX Ultra-Wide Pro Loops are designed to counter a problem that everyone is frustrated with – rolling and pinching. Our wider resistance bands are made with the highest quality, 100% natural latex, with a smooth outer texture to stay in place. The wide design and smooth finish prevents our bands from pinching at your hair or skin, ensuring you have the most comfortable workout possible!
Superior construction
We recognize that it can be challenging to find a good set of looper bands, so we use only medical-grade latex that has been thoroughly tested and examined by a lab before being used!

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