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CoreFX Landmine Handle

Get your next workout off the ground with the COREFX Landmine Handle! Being a strong and functional tool, the landmine handle aims to maximize the potential of your workouts. Made of a single piece of steel, this tough-looking Landmine Handle can engage the arms, abs, glutes, back, and more to work out. Growing in popularity by the year, landmines and landmine attachments are a versatile training accessory that is safe and easy-to-use. Landmine exercises allow users to train in multiple planes while targeting a number of muscle groups. Thanks to a multitude of rotational exercise possibilities, landmines improve strength and power while working the stabilizing muscles of the core, hips and shoulders. Trainers and strength coaches alike love landmines because they’re safe, easy-to-use and most importantly, effective. Landmines are ideal for large groups without the fear of injury due to improper form or lack of supervision. The COREFX Landmine Handle features a 1.25″ handle, and a 3.25″ ball. The Landmine weighs 7.10 lbs, and is easy to lock-down for added safety, 23.25″ L x 3.25″ W.

? 1.25? Handle
? 3.25? Ball
? Weight: 7.10 lbs.
? Easy lock-down knob for added safety
? 23.25In L x 3.25? W


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