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COREFX Barbell Pad

Does your barbell leave nasty bruises? Enter Barbell Pad, The ergonomic solution to barbell bruises!

The COREFX Barbell Pad is designed to provide extra comfort and support during squats and hip thrusts. The high-density foam structure will help you take your workout to the next level.

It’s time to say goodbye to that annoying pain on your poor hips. The Barbell Pad is a convenient solution for your favorite barbell workouts!

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Relieve the pressure
The COREFX Barbell Pad features an anti-slip foam cushioning to help reduce the risk of injury and relieve pressure during barbell squats and hip thrusts.
Safe Workout Tool
Barbell Pad is a workout accessory that helps you lift weights more safely, with a higher intensity and increased comfort. You’ll get better results with this than ever before. We guarantee it!

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